Saw a scary scene today

What exactly is "significant"?
Is your opinion based on any facts?
I usually drive a bit above the speed limit, but slower than other vehicles, and I find it nearly bulletproof safe.
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Such that lots and lots of cars are passing you, and you're in each other's blind spots all the time. When few are passing and you're passing few there are fewer lane changes and fewer chances for problems. If you're passing almost everyone you don't need to worry much about anything behind you unless it has a flashing light on top.
Just the memory of close calls (i.e. experience). Not all the other guy's fault either.
Accidents are fairly rare on superhighways in any case. Cyclists (especially the criminally insane bicycle couriers) and pedestrians (including bums and squeegee punks) and the zillions of reckless taxi cabs make for more trouble. Speed in that case is not usually limited by the posted speed limit.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
Reminds me of a curve on the way from work. It passed a junkyard at the time, and was rather steeply banked. When we had lots of ice on the road (typical of where I worked. Lots of "Don't go home yet" as it fell, followed by a "No sane man should be on the roads. Go home!"), I would wait as those ahead of me would, driving very carefully, slide off the road to the shoulder on the downhill side. Once the way was clear, I would accelerate (it was an MGA FWIW) until I entered the curve at a speed appropriate for the amount of banking, and smoothly go around the curve. Not too far past that was the entrance to the big highway, which took me most of the way home. :-)
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
A man after me own heart! Achieving the proper velocity to negate the 4-wheel drift was superb, centripetally speaking. I did the opposite in my Javelin, finding the proper speed to put it into a perfect 4-wheel drift to center myself on the circular on-ramp, then I'd have to slow down for the freeway. Proving my prowess to Mom and my sister one day turned out badly. My mother got over it, but sis was in tears by the time we hit the freeway about 15 seconds later. It turns out that she remembered a car crash and hated squealing tires, even though this was perfectly controlled. Sest lavvy, wot?
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