Set Up for Broaching?

I am going to attempt to push a 5/8" square broach through a stack of
.187" CR pieces and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could read
up on the proper broaching set up and procedure? The broach itself
was costly, and I don't want to break it or wear it out prematurely.
Pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, --Max
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Max Krippler
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Hope this helps:
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Best Regards Tom.
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Not sure about square broaching as we usually hex broach; however, drill a hole a FEW thousands undersize of the broach and then pound that sucker into the hole. Make sure the hole and the broach are both dead on. Also, make sure you drill the hole fast and clean, work hardening the material and then broaching it will suck. Broach at slow spindle speeds and fast feedrate for best finish.
Putting a chamfer on the hole before broaching is also a good idea as it helps ease the broach into the hole.
I hope this helps.
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My only addition: Assuming you are going to push the broach with an arbor press---- I would go a little ways and then stop and raise the arbor press ram a bit to let the broach re-center itself where it contacts the ram. This is to keep the broach from having to flex between the ram and the workpiece.
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Max Krippler wrote:
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