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I am looking for someone/a firm to make up a simple prototype for me from mild steel sheet. It's basically a box, involving some cutting/bending of sheet metal and a couple of welds. Preferably all done in 2mm mild steel sheet.

I can supply rough sketches, but these are not 'proper engineering drawings'.

I wonder if anyone on this NG can recommend a firm (or themselves) to make this for me, please?

Thanks in advance


BTW: I fear some people may regard this as an advert and thus off-topic for this NG. If so, I apologise, but I hope it will be of interest to some people on the NG and the others will not be too offended.

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When I've purchased the odd bit of mild steel from them, Devizes Steel in the village of Horton, nr Devizes, always seem to have a bit of ad hoc fabrication going on.

I don't have their details to hand - you can look them up as easily as I can!

You might like to also post your question in as there are a few traders of one sort or another who post there.

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Airy R. Bean

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