side play in 5C end mill sharpening fixture?

I got my 5C end mill sharpening fixture yesterday. I took it apart and cleaned all the cosmoline off, lubricated it lightly and reassembled. I put an end mill in a collet in the fixture and tightened it, and just set it on the mag chuck and enabled the chuck so it grips the fixture. I wanted to just feel how the indexing mechanism worked, if there was much play, etc. Mine clicks fairly positively and smoothly. However, my fixture has a little "shake" in it when I grip the collet block and apply force. I can see that it would have to have a certain amount of play. I'm curious if the other users of this fixture have noticed this side play in theirs, and if so, does it affect the end use?

If you're curious see it here:

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Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington

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Grant Erwin
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