Small metal Sculptures

I have been trying to do small sculptures with small metal pieces but i would like to know what works better to weld or glue small pieces of metals together. I am new in this and will welcome any suggestions

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By small, will the total weight be less than an ounce? If so, then you may want to consider investment casting. You make a model, then make a rubber mold, then fill with wax, then immerse the wax in slurry, then melt the wax away, then fill with metal and break the slurry like an egg shell and take out the exact replica of the model you created.


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Wayne Lundberg

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David Billington

Totally depends on the metal. Some can be easily welded. Some take expensive equipment to weld properly. Some take OA processes.

Read up on whatever metals you are using, or define "metals" so we can better help you.


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