Smithy Bearings -- The Saga Continues

Got my hook spanner made today -- had to go to Home Despot for a hole
saw & I forgot to check at the car store if they had one! Oh well, its
functional in a cro-magnon sort of way.
The spindle bearings are tapered roller bearings, similar to front wheel
bearings on a car. I had visualized a process where the bearings are a
light press fit, and the nut (for which I made the hook wrench) is used
to adjust the tension.
If I want to use than nut to adjust those bearings I'm gonna have to
REEF on it -- something is wrong here! No way is that going to provide
an adjustment, and I have trouble believing that anything so high torque
would be designed with such a nut.
So, am I wrong? Is this normal-sounding? If things _are_ too tight, do
y'all have any suggestions?
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Tim Wescott
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It occurs to me that I didn't check the bearing or the spindle for dings. If I see anything obvious I can stone it off (well, if it's on the inside of the bearing I may order another bearing instead of a round stone). I'm going to check for this.
I suspect that the real problem is that the spindle was just made a bit too big for the bearing. I can see those happy guys in their Worker's Paradise making a tradeoff between just bashed it together, making their quota and keeping their jobs, versus trying to make it right, not making their quota, going back too their village and starving.
I really don't like the idea of turning the spindle down, mostly because I don't know if I can maintain decent accuracy, but also because I don't have a toolpost grinder and it would be most inconvenient to make one without the mill that I'm trying to fix. None the less if it comes to that I may see if I can dummy something up with blocks of wood and a Dremel tool (ick).
Alternately I could call Smithy and see what they say -- I suspect that since they've allowed this to happen in the first place they're not going to be good for much, but it may be worth a try. Anyone know how responsive they are?
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Tim Wescott

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