Snap ring pliers

Just a heads up, if you need a set of snap ring pliers:
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I purchased a set last thursday and they arrived today, they have replacable
tips and work
with both external and internal snap rings. These are a steal at $13.50 with
free shipping.
They are much higher quality than the usual stamped crap you see for about
the same price.
These sell at home despot for $22 branded for channelock. Quality is very
good and will
probobaly last me a lifetime. Made in USA.
Best Regards
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Howard Beal
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Ooops, item number 301349175955 in the ebay search pane works.
Best Regards Tom.
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Howard Beal
I figured that out just before I bought a set . I've seen worse for more .
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Terry Coombs
These are actually quite well made. My neighbor paid $18 for a set and I found these at HF for "a bit" less at $3.99. madeinchina.
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My 2 sizes of Snap-on reversibles are still in the tool chest, but these get grabbed more often nowadays, especially for removing riding mower wheels.
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Larry Jaques
Those are def. the same as the channellock ones, which are nicely made. Just don't lose the bag of tips.
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Cydrome Leader

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