SOLVED -- the non-working ON/OFF/BRAKE switch on the lathe

I finally understood what was wrong. My own reconstruction of what
happened at some point prior to my lathe purchase, is as follows: the
missing spring holding the lower bar (see picture) broke or was
lost. Because of this, the lathe would not turn on. Then the dumbass
who was fixing the lathe tried to rewire the starter. To no
avail. Then he or she inserted red plastic blocks into the size 0
starter, therefore fixing it mechanically to be always on.
When I realized the nature of these red plastic blocks, the fix was
obvious: remove then, rewire the starter for a single non-momentary
switch, and use a spring to fix the original mechanical problem. I was
very lucky, because I had a nice coil spring assortment (pictured).
So, as of now, the problem is fully resolved and the ON/OFF/BRAKE
switch works great!
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you know, it's really amazing how many things I've picked up over the years that were fine after some simple repair which some prior idiot had been unable to perform, typically because the prior repair was made by somebody with no understanding of the mechanism
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William Noble
Indeedy. Gives some feeling of satisfaction.
However, I recall a number of things that I fscked up, due to the exact above reason, but fortunately I can count them on the fingers of my one hand.
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You worded that rather strangely, where an inference can be made - And what happened to the other hand?
Most people come equipped with two hands from the factory, each with a complement of four fingers and one opposing thumb each - Was that one of the fsckups?
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Bruce L. Bergman

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