Source for 3 Phase Motor?

Hi Guys,
I am going to make a rotary phase converter and would like to know if anyone
can tell me of a good source for used 3 phase motors. I live in Middletown,
NJ. I am looking for a 7.5 hp motor.
Many thanks for the help.
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Auctions or motor rewind shops.
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Richard W.
JB Weld, or similar.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
I get my 3 phase motors for $4 per HP at a scrap/demolition company. He likes the fact that I pay cash. I also get heavy duty electrical gear such as disconnects, contactors etc.
Open your yellow pages for "scrap" and call every company in the list.
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I have had great luck buying motors on ebay. It seems to be an item that does not get the feeding frenzy that other things do. I have been the only bidder on several new 3-phase motors and have never paid more than $50 (with shipping) for 1/2 and 3/4 HP 3-phase motors. Not sure what 7.5HP would cost, but it is worth checking. BTW, I have converted my 1-ph lathe and mill TO 3-ph so I can use VFDs for variable speed. The VFDs were cheap on ebay as well.
JB wrote:
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I would check with LB Metals in Fleetwood Pa.,610-921-8848. They have a large, actually huge number of used 3 phase motors. Basicly they are a scrap yard/metal dealer. Try to find one that has been stored under cover. They typically get $10/hp for used motors. Shipping on an ebay motor might be more than the gas to drive there from NJ. They are open on Saturday till noon. Probably won't be much help on the phone since they don't exactly have an accurate inventory. Try to not buy a High effciency motor, apparently they run too hot when used as a phase converter. I got a 15 hp there two years ago for a converter and it's working fine. Starts the 10hp leblond lathe in my home shop. They also have two stores in Reading PA., I found some the capacitors I needed for the converter in the reading store. Another possible source for you might be Joseph Fazio Steel in Glassboro NJ., closer but not near as many used motors.
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From a friend:
Apparently, he got a real good deal there earlier this week or late last week.
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