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I had received an e-mail recently saying the G-Wizard was going to go to a
subscription basis. It sure sounded like you would have to pay every year
to continue to use it. I don't mind paying a fair price for a copy, but
paying for a license to use it every year sounded a bit excessive to me. It
started me on a hunt for a speed/feed/depth calculator to replace it. I
found a reference to a freeware program called ME Consultant 2.0 on an old
conversation from 2003 on CNC Zone.
I found a copy here:
formatting link

I scanned the download with Avast, but you should scan it too just to be
It seems to work similar to G-wizard except totally free. I noticed there
is no accounting for horsepower. In small cutters that's not an issue, but
in bigger cutters that could be a problem. I figured take its numbers and
stay conservative. G-wizard gives me numbers some times anyway that I know
will plug and break a cutter.

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Bob La Londe
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I found the subscription model of little interest. It's a nice clean product, but for the few times I'd actually be using it, I would have to think twice about a one time purchase at the asking price. I politely expressed my thoughts to the author, never got a reply. Oh well...
I have Jim Rowe's excellent Machinist Journeyman in both inch and hard metric versions on my Ipod Touch, $20 for both, lifetime free updates.
Went to D/L ME-Consultant, and discovered I already had but never got around to installing. Guess I'll give it a go now!
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Jon Anderson
Same here.
That might be interesting I wonder if it will run on my Droid.
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Bob La Londe
I've been using the ME-consultant for some time now, Always gives me good numbers. at least to start with.
Thank You, Randy
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