Spend how much to get sent a McMaster catalog?

How much does one need to spend to get a McMaster catalog sent to them? Would $1000 in a year do it? Color me curious.


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Not sure about the amount, but I usually get one by walking to the store and asking. You might just call them and ask to be added to their mailing list.

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We probably spend $1000/year and we get them intermittently. Probably got 4 over the last

7 years.

I suspect they print as many as they can afford and send them out starting with their biggest customers and working their way down.

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Jim Stewart

I suspect, you already know, they have an Online Catalog.

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we save a tree).


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Yep, every two years! They are a customer and I asked them about catalogs and they said just call or use the web to request one.

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Tom Gardner

Tom Gardner wrote: ...they said just call or use the web to request one.

Really!? The elusiveness of their catalogs is legendary. New ones go on eBay for $40 - 50. Even old ones are auctioned. Why would anyone pay $50 for one when they could "...just call or use the web to request one"?

???? Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

If you work for a big name company and give their real business address and business phone number, I bet they'll send you one regardless of how much you spend.

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Their online catalog gets my vote for the best web store ever.

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While McMaster's Website is the best in biz, bar none, it does pay to have a printed version. Bathroom is an ideal place for it :) - so you have good use for those otherwise dull minutes .

Learn a lot by simply flipping through pages. Got mine @ work.

MSCDirect's catalog is much easier to get and I think it is much larger, just an FYI. Price-wise they are about the same, have a number of warehouses - I get my stuff from both McM and MSC next day with UPS ground. MSC's website is much worse compared to McM's

- search and presentation of search results is nearly not as good.

I also have Grainger store within 2miles from my home but they don't sell to GP. Plenty dumb, IMO - MSC and McM don't have that problem.

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"rashid111" wrote in news:1136428324.391298.80310 @g44g2000cwa.googlegroups.com:

If the company you work for has an account with them, then you can shop there. I just give them the company's name and tell them I'm paying cash.

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D Murphy

Same here. In fact..I did just that today. I purchased a Square D pressure switch for an air compressor that the guy thats fixing my truck had that was moy flakey.

Working off part of my bill..next week..I fix the Coffing overhead crane..brake is shot


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