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I went to one of my regular, but occasional customers, last week. They have a CNC machine, the fluid cooler isn't working properly. The stages of the proposal seem to be:

Shop guy calls me out, and wants the machine fixed, do whatever you want. I make a workable solution, based on compressor that I know I can get. Shop guy wants me to check, and see if I can stay close to original design. I do some research, and try to find compressor. Not available. I knew that, before I made any calls. I return to the shop to take some measurements, and get the numbers off the old one. Shop guy happy to see me. Says they will have their electrician rewire the unit, replace the contactor, and see if that gets things going. (I sense that my big job just turned into being second fiddle to their electrician. Their management wants the machine fixed, but as cheaply as possible.) I make a bunch of calls, and find out that with the numbers I got, still can't cross reference for parts. Shop guy says they want to keep it as original as possible, and try to get compressor that will fit into the existing compartment. I'm not sure that is possible.

I think the next step is for them to call back, the electrician rewired it all, the old compressor runs, and they don't need me any more. They will offer me twenty bucks for gas.

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