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Maybe I'm wimping out too quick, but I can't find what size starting capacitor I need for a Dayton 1hp ball bearing motor on the net: model 6k232c.

Anybody help?

I ain't push start'n no saw.

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John Keeney
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Doesn't the existing motor have a capacitor to get some numbers off of? I would call Grainger's parts number, they should be able to come up with one, or try grainger online.

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No capacitor on the motor now though it clearly has a place (shield, pig tails) for one and is marked as a capacitor start motor.

I'll try Grainger. Thanks.

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John Keeney


I would venture a guess and say anywhere around 60 to 120 mfd should work fine.

This not all that critical an application and the connection is only made while the motor is actually starting.

Suggest get one with a 330v rating.

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