The Ten Worst Actors Ever On TV

Kaley Cuoco

> Kaley Cuoco, who has played the character Penny on "The Big Bang Theory" for > the last seven seasons, is an actress who could use a few more acting classes. > Those who watch the show might agree that her character brings sex appeal to > the show, but not much else. > One might wonder why the creators of the show don't just replace her with > another pretty face who can indeed act. > > Jared Gilmore > Jared Gilmore plays Henry on the popular fairy-tales turned into real life > characters show "Once Upon a Time," but the early seasons focused way too much > on Henry's annoying perspective and exposition-heavy dialogue. Thankfully, as > the show progresses, he becomes much less of the story's focus. > > Laura Prepon > Sure, Laura Prepon is cute, tall, and redheaded. She was Eric Forman's love > interest on "That '70s Show" for several seasons, but nearly every scene that > she was in felt forced and had all of the humor sucked out of it. It isn't > clear why she was unable to play Donna well, because her role on "Orange Is > the New Black" showed much better acting. > Maybe she took some acting lessons between the two series. > > Adrian Grenier > Adrian Grenier, whom you might remember as the lead on "Entourage," had the > weakest acting skills of anyone else on the show. That might include the > extras as well as the supporting cast. Grenier has had exactly four acting > gigs in the years since "Entourage" ended, and one of them was an "Entourage" > movie. > > Cathy Cahlin Ryan > "The Shield" was one of the best television series of the past couple of > decades, and Michael Chiklis was one of the major reasons why. Nevertheless, > Cathy Cahlin Ryan, who played Corrine Mackey on the series, was the opposite > end of the spectrum, making a good series worse for her part in it.However, > she wasn't the only bad actor on the show; Chiklis' real-life wife, Autumn, > also had some problems with believability. > > Nolan Gould > Okay, so Nolan Gould, who plays Luke Dunphy on "Modern Family," is just a kid. > You can't blame him for his bad acting, but you can blame the casting director > for "Modern Family. " Gould's lines are stiff and wooden, and if you replaced > him with that robot that beat everyone on "Jeopardy," you might not be able to > tell the difference. > > Jonathan Ahdout > When it came time for season 4 of "24" and the character of Behrooz Araz, the > casting director failed his or her job miserably. Every line that Jonathan > Ahdout delivered was toneless. It makes you wonder if he had something on the > producers of "24" to keep him from losing his job. > Thankfully, his character was here and gone in season 4. > > Chandler Riggs > "The Walking Dead" is one of the best shows on television; however, Chandler > Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, is not living up to his potential. Carl has some > great lines on the show and some great moments with Rick, but Riggs just isn't > able to bring the emotion that would make his character endearing and likable. > > Gillian Anderson > Gillian Anderson would probably be best at the end of this list, were it in > any particular order. Agent Dana Scully wasn't that unbelievable on "The X- > Files," but when it came to showing real emotion, when tension was at its > highest, Gillian simply didn't bring it. Part of this might have been the > squabbles that insiders say existed between her and Duchovny and the lack of > chemistry in later seasons. > > Jerry Seinfeld > Jerry Seinfeld is funny, and his self-titled television show was hilarious, > but among the excellent level of acting on that show, Jerry was the only one > who you could tell was acting.

I somehow always thought Martin Sheen looked like he was about to start laughing in pretty much every scene.

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