Tube swaing question

I've been away from the craft for way too long. Have a chance to play in a
new project that will involve swaging one inch tubing - starting with
prototypes, of course, then hopefully moving to high volume.
This will involve taking random lengths of one inch galvanized thin wall
tubing, cutting to three ft. segments, swaging one end for nice snug fit,
then drilling to place a spring return locking button.
I'm game to do it myself, but also game to let somebody who really know
their business tackle the project. We're in San Diego.
Any ideas will be more than welcome. And yes, Tijuana is an option but I'd
rather start the project here knowing full well that once full production
gets moving it will end up in China.
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Wayne Lundberg
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Wayne Lundberg
Please explain in more detail, I "swage" a lot of 1" tubing but I'm not sure what you mean.
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Tom Gardner
Swaging up or down can be done with a lathe. CNC prefered, with a roller swage. One of my clients does this with SS tubing
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