Unshipping 5" threaded spindle chuck on G9972Z lathe

What a corker... Looking at my micro-set chuck that has been
tightened up from turning... How to take it off without taking a big
crescent wrench to one of the jaws, as mentioned in a number of places...
Chucked up a length of 1.5" brass hex stock for the crescent wrench.
Took my Armstrong pin spanner, hooked it on the spindle, carefully
rotated the chuck so the wrench handle rested against the bed. The
wrench is underneath the spindle, so it wants to fall off unless its
under tension.
Took the big crescent, got a good fit on the hex, and gave 'er a go.
Started the chuck, pin spanner felt off, and I had no injuries to speak of.
Awaiting delivery of my Jergens Hook Clamps so I can do some
faceplate action on the compound base. I had started to bore the base
out, but it gives me the slick willies watching the rectangular base
whipping around while being held on a circular boss only 1/3d of an inch
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Louis Ohland
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That lathe looks similar, but bigger, to my Emco lathe. I pop the three-jaw= chuck loose by opening the jaws until I can get an old axe handle crosswis= e between two jaws and give it a quick pop. Most of the times it comes on t= he first try. Have to set the gears to the lowest speed.
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