UPDATE: FS/Machine tools-CHEAP!

I took pictures today, and posted them in zip files on my server. I also have added a few other items.

Please note, that you may see a layer of brown dust on all of these machines. There will be no extra charge for supplying you with Genuine Central Valley Dust. There will be an extra charge, if I have to remove it. Plus tax, handling, dealer prep, doc fees and other fees not yet tabulated.

A friend of mine just retired due to health problems, and is surplusing out

some extra machines from one of his shop(s).

Covel 8" surface grinder. With wheel dresser built into the wheel guard >$275. Very solid, small footprint, looks good.

I estimate this at around 600 or so pounds. Table is your standard size. Nice compact machine.

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Hardinge AHC, automatic chucker, Covered Wagon style. Mint mint mint and >ready to make parts. This looks like a factory Demo machine . Im sure I >can scrounge up a bar feeder for this machine for a bit extra. $1000 OBO

This is a VERY nice NC machine. Microswitch programable, so its a no brainer, and they are still commonly used in many small shops.

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KO LEE fully automatic surface grinder, with hyraulics and coolant >system. Was disassembled to replace table rollers, and spindle bearings, >never reassembled. Beautiful machine, a weekends puttering to >eassemble it. With the manuals, parts lists etc etc etc. $125 >Nothing is missing, its complete

I estimate this to be around 700 lbs or so, based on other similar machines.

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Double head drill press and table. Rockwells IIRC 15" $125

Corrected. These are Walker-Turners About 300 lbs with the steel table, at most.

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OD grinder. Neat old unit, with overhead motor, all belt driven, >complete, in excellent shape and in good working condition. This may be >an early Kwikway $125 OBO

Correction, this is a Crystal Lake OD grinder, with some collets and tooling. Probably around 900lbs at most. It looks bigger than it is, and is mounted on a steel table.

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Monarch 10 EE. This is the roughist unit. It was previously stripped by >another owner, the drive retrofited with a VFD. Most of the gears etc >has been removed, but is very usable as a turning/boring machine. Ways >are in good shape. $225 obo.

No idea about the weight in this condition. Note, Pictures do not show saddle or tailstock, or the covers for the headstock end and electrical panels. We have those and they will be included.

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Bridgeport Mill. Step pully. Fair shape, needs cleanup and a bit of TCL, but its tight. $1500 Poor picture, but it was the best I could do at the time. Its your typical BP. Not clapped out, not in great shape. Decent for the home shop. R8 spindle.

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Hardinge 59. This is an early split bed lathe. Ways in Excellent shape, but has no tooling. It does have the 5C collet closer and a crosslide. In excellent mechanical and electrical condition. If you have a worn out one, or would like to make a polishing machine, or make your own tooling (very easy to do), this is for you. $175 This one is a bit oily and dirty, but its not caked on and is soft. Run it through the car wash before you get it home, and its clean. The pictures of this are crappy. Sigh.....
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Parts washer-Better Engineering. This parts washer has an internal high pressure pump and heater. The top cover and insides have high pressure spray nozzles, so you may simply load your stuff, close the cover and turn it on. Think of it as a dishwasher for dirty oily "stuff". Has a control panel, with timer, thermostat, etc etc. In good working order. This unit is on wheels IIRC, so is easy to move around, or put away. $275
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Flather 14" Shaper. I own this one,and its located about 40 miles away from Bakersfield, at my home. A very nice small footprint. About 1000 lbs. Will ride in the back of a pickup just fine. $400. I have several vises available at an additional charge.
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Eldorado Gun Drill. Leigh at snipped-for-privacy@aol.com will be putting this up on Ebay for me. This unit was surplus to a gun drilling/grinding shop that I recently helped downsize. It was purported to me to be in good working order, and it was indeed underpower when I disconnected it and moved it out of the gentlemans shop. Watch Ebay. Chuckle..its very dirty, but will clean up easily, as Ive gotten other machines from this shop at the same time, and they were a breeze to clean up. Eldorado is top of the line stuff. The gun drill itself is probably around 1500 lbs or so, and the high pressure coolant pump and reseviour is around 500 lbs. This unit is located in Santa Ana California

Most of the items except as mentioned, are located in Bakersfield California, about 2 hrs north of LA. We can load.

With the exception of the AHC and the Eldorado gun drill, all machines are small enough to be loaded into a pickup truck. By two or more..bring a trailer. U-haul rents them for around $30 a day.

Info wanted on this Gorton Pantograph:

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Can anyone ID this thing? Also looking for fonts, etc etc. This one seems to have been adopted by me..sigh... Also need any manuals/instructions etc. Will trade for Stuff.

You may call me at 805-732-5308, (cell) anytime.

Also, the seller has a very rough Clark forklift sitting out in his yard:

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does have a new carb, radiator etc etc that will go with it. It is missing the forks..All the sheetmetal is there, but not shown in the photos. I believe that its propane powered.

Anyone familiar with this particular unit/family? Ive not been able to find a data plate. I may wind up with this myself, if no one has any interest, and I need a source/estimate for forks, manuals etc etc etc.

BTW......if there is any problems with the links, email me and Ill send the pics via email


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