Valenite Face Mill Questions

I picked up a Valenite V555 Face Mill that is 5" (56043) and it takes
pentagon shaped inserts. When I looked it up on Valenites web page it
looks like there are "wiper" inserts listed below the list of the
other inserts. Can anyone explain to me what these are and what they
are used for? Are they used on there own or in concert with an actual
Also, this appears to use positive rake inserts.
I will forward you the PDF in case you need to see what I am talking
The cutter is 56043 and is listed on page 5 with the available
Thanks for any help.
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I had excellent help with a similar facemill (a bit larger, used hexagons) by just directly asking Valenite. I think the "wiper" inserts may be thought of as chip breakers, but an email to Valenite will get you a definitive answer
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Bill N
On large inserted face mills every nth insert can be a 'wiper' which presents a wider face to the milled surface,imparting a scraping or wiping action thus improving surface finish. Generally these wiper inserts are of a different geometry then the rest, although they can fit in the same pocket as the others.
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I believe they stick down just a but further than the other inserts also. ~0.002"
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