Perfect Valenite Day present for your Bridgeport mill

Indulge your Bridgeport mill with this great Valenite Day present.
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R8 shank, 2 inch indexable toolholder by Valenite, brand new, takes
four inserts SEE*42*. See catalog on the above page. It explains what
inserts you need. Inserts are available on ebay and should cost about
$1.70 apiece. See ebay item 360117284369.
Included is the toolholder, screwdriver, and a box.
$50 plus actual shipping. (priority mail flat rate box regardless of quantity)
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Those immoral spamming Google Groups posters
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So when is Valenite Day, anyway?
Is the shank removable, or integral to the piece? (My mill uses BS9 tooling, though I have adapters for straight shanks)
Thanks, --Glenn Lyford
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I'll take it, I don't have a face mill yet. Email me.
Pete C.
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Pete C.
Emailed without the .DOH.
Another try...
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