need some Valenite help

I bought some Valenite indexable holders, specifically these:

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look like they hold the diamond shaped carbides - I figured I could put them in an Aloris type BXA-1 holder - but I am wondering how they really are intended to be used - I've spent way too much time looking around the Valenite on-line catalogs without finding these things - with any luck someone on the NG will know exactly how they are used and what I should use to find them in the Valenite catalogs. Of course if that doesn't work I can contact Valenite, but I hate to bug "real" companies with a triviality like this when we can all sit around and chat about it here.

if you don't want to look at the ebay link, the little things are marked:

MSKNR-10CA-3 the R of course means right handed, I was able to decode some of the rest of the part number, but it isnt' at all obvious why they have the little special set screw in the back nor the oval hole in the middle. Do these go on boring bars? a special "mother" holder? or what?/?/?

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Bill Noble
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Page B44 in the Valenite June 2007 Turning Tools print catalog.

It's a 75 degree lead facing tool. That is, about all this is good for is facing ends of stock in a lathe.

Takes square inserts in the SNxx style, seems like the 322 size.

Maybe the set screw in the back was added to plug a coolant passage option? This feature doesn't appear in the catalog, but neither does the "CA" in the designation.

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Richard J Kinch

Yes, the 10CA designation is on page F20 for cartridges, not the regular toolholder I gave before. You'll have to come up with a cartridge holder for your toolholder, which doesn't seem worth it.

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Richard J Kinch

Hi Bill,

These are cartridge type insert holders used in purpose built tooling using standard inserts. A long oval slot with an adjustment screw on the bottom (and sometimes setscrews X-Y through the body) allow for large adjustments in a seat. Most often used with large (toolroom made) face mills, fly cutters, large single and opposed cut boring heads and sometimes slot millers.

The cartridge seats in a nest (slot) and is adjusted for dia with the small fine thread screw on the bottom. The oval slot is used to lock the cartridge down.

For lathe use (I've never seen it done) the cartridge is smaller and is intended to be locked into a hardened seat, the oval slot is shorter and the cartridge may, or may not, have a bottom adjustment.

When you make you own tool holders then special "lead angles" are built into the tooling. Also with very large tools, if there is a "crash" you don't lose your hog, dog and frog...


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matthew maguire

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