Washing machines that are built like commercial machines?

It seems that my current maytag washer broke the clutch, that's very
hard to get to. The motor and the tub pulley spin, but the tub does
not engage. There were also some bad noises coming from there, as
though a piece of metal was caught between some gears. These noises
stopped, eventually, with no improvement.
It is not the first time when this washer breaks and I have just about
had it.
I would like to buy a new washer that is built honestly, like Miller
welders or Cummins engines, and not like cost engineered crap that
does not last and is impossible to fix.
Such washers are, apparently, made, at least for commercial
laundromats. (which would not fit our room) Is there a consumer
version of that? Where plastic and potmetal is not used for major
parts, and things are built to last "like they used to".
I do not mind paying top dollar for such a thing if it exists.
Any ideas?
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Whirlpool - stainless side wise ones. On risers - drawers under them! These are nice. They are computer controlled and are made for a large or small family. Uses what it needs.
Check them out. Lowes and in town dealers have them. If not - order a set. But first check out the information...!!
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