Remember the wacko farmer with the million dollar old car collection?

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Dweller in the cellar

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JR North
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Look at the US government liquidation site (commercial venture with DRMO)

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. Up for auction is one single lot of several million pounds of mixed metal. Looks like the entire inventory of Davis-Monthan AFB, the boneyard for old military aircraft. Sadly, one of the conditions is a demil process that apparently consists of shredding the entire aircraft. Too bad, there is so much history, and potential there. It will be interesting to see what it goes for.

Regards, Jim Brown

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Jim Brown


And how long a turn around time before the Chinese are selling it all back to us in Wal Mart?

I can't really see the metal going anywhere else, sadly.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

Better than the Japanese "free" delivery at Pearl Harbor....

Unka George (George McDuffee)

There is something to be said for government by a great aristocracy which has furnished leaders to the nation in peace and war for generations; even a democrat like myself must admit this. But there is absolutely nothing to be said for government by a plutocracy, for government by men very powerful in certain lines and gifted with the "money touch," but with ideals which in their essence are merely those of so many glorified pawnbrokers.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), U.S. Republican (later Progressive) politician, president. Letter, 15 Nov. 1913.

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F. George McDuffee

Wow, the very first picture is of a P-82 Twin Mustang. There can't be many of those left around. What a collection.

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Bob Chilcoat

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