The Astronaut Farmer (OT)

Tonight I saw an advance screening of "The Astronaut Farmer" starring Billy Bob Thornton courtesy of a movie pass I got from the hobby shop (maybe this isn't so off-topic afterall ;^).

Before the techno-critics shread this movie for its engineering inaccuracies, I'd like to say what I liked about it. Although the whole premise of an ex-astronaut building a Mercury-Atlas in his barn to launch himself into orbit is pretty far-fetched, a movie about a female astronaut "losing it" and driving hundreds of miles in a diaper to confront her romantic rival is even more unbelievable (but unfortunately true).

"The Astronaut Farmer" does have its technical flaws (I don't think mixing kerosene with hydrazine will give you a better rocket fuel), but this movie is NOT about technology. It IS a modern-day fairy tale about pursuing a dream, having a vision, determination, loyalty, risk- taking, family, heartache, sacrifice, trust, and yes, love. The plot is fairly predictable with enough twists to keep it interesting. It's kind of hard to categorize this movie but I know I liked it. So when you walk into the theater, remember this isn't a documentary - it's a contemporary fable. And make sure not to "leave the theatre too soon" after the last scene or you'll miss an amusing treat. Also, it looks like MRC's Mercury capsule model makes a cameo appearance too.

Forget "The Right Stuff". This is "Rocky" with a rocket!


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The Collector
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What I've seen in commercials so far recalls an old Heinlein story about civilians taking off for the Moon from a farm. I'm sure 'e' will tell us the title. ;)

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Perhaps: "Destination Moon"?

Also reminiscent of the Andy Griffith tv show "Salvage 1".....kinda

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rocky horror, he wished?

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no, that was a screenplay for a 1950 movie. the book was rocket ship galileo. one of his juveniles...the first, in fact.

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..."and crawling, on the planet's face"...

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