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We are redoing our web site---it needs a LOT of work yet.Any suggestions? Ray Mueller

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Your Web site should make it very clear at the top that you don't sell any products from your Web site - no machine tools, for example.

It appears that what you do is custom jobs for people. That means you need to make it real easy for anyone to find out how to ask you if you want to bid a certain job, and it means if they have a job in progress, they should be able to check its status via your Web site.

You should make it much more clear where you are located and what your main phone number is. It is inconceivable to me how many people bury this key information, and how much business they lose as a result.

Well, that's my 2¢.


SMuel10363 wrote:

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Grant Erwin

Usual comments:

-Huge pictures for a dial up line

-e-Mail address on FTP page is incorrect

-'Explore' does not do anything

-address and phone should be at the bottom of ALL pages

-suggest links from the 'tools-molds-dies-etc' line

-suggest link from 'Design and Build..." line to a discussion of what you do (and don't do)

-clicking on the top logo churns the visitor counter, not much else!


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