What do you call this?

I want to build a small dust collector head to go around the spindle of a
mill when it is routing wood and plastic. I envision a circular collector
connected to the 2-1/4" air hose that will clamp around the nose of the
spindle. What I need to attach around the bottom of the collector is a strip
of flexible bristle to surround and enclose the cutter. I've been looking
for this strip bristle but I don't even know what it might be called. Can
anyone help point me to a source or tell me the correct bane for what I'm
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Terry Mayhugh
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Weatherstripping? Sounds like the stuff on the inside channel of a sliding glass door.
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Gary Brady
Brush seal. See Mcmaster pp. 1132-1133.
For a wider selection:
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Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
Contact Printex in San Diego. They sell nylon bristle brush strips by the foot. It is used in the pad printing industry. It is perfect for your use.
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daniel peterman
Check out th' shop vac section in yer local big box chain store. Should be a bunch of replacement brush seals for various vacuum attachments. Cheap and a 20" long one will last ya a long time.
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