What kind of bushing material?

I would like to machine (to hone my beginners skills) some bushing for various car parts that I am restoring.

How do I know what type of material to use? Enco Catalog lists several types of brass, are any of them good for bushings?

Is there a general rule?


Paul Farber

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I think you want oilite, a porous bronze saturated with oil.

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Nick Hull


If you want a 'general rule', it would be to use the the same material as the manufacter had used.

If you could ask about material for a specific part, it would be easier to give you more help.

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Lewis Campbell

Brass makes very poor bushings. It extrudes too easily, and doesn't have the best anti-friction properties. Brass makes good fittings but poor bearings. Bronze is what you want, and for general-purpose bushings C93200 is the right stuff (what the oldtimers knew as 660). It is tougher than brass, but machines just as easily due to its lead content. Oilite is a brand name. Oilite makes a wide range of sintered bearings and bearing stock, and they have different applications. Some are designed for higher RPM lightly loaded shafts, others are intended for low-RPM heavily loaded stuff. Their chief advantage is their self-lubricating properties. And many of them have lots of iron in them; they're not just bronze.

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Dan Thomas

I'll note that a bearing house will have all kinds of bronze bushings available and you may find what you need there without the need to do any work or minimal work to get a usuable bushing.

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