what size thread?

What size thread is on paint poles and broom sticks(shop brooms)?
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Would you believe its on a web site...
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"In the United States, most threaded handles for brooms, paint rollers, extension poles for window washing brushes and squeegees, and so forth, have threads =BE inch in diameter, 5 threads per inch, Acme form."
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And you can get taps and ties for same from the usual woodworking suppliers. New broomsticks are cheaper, though.
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Yep I made a bunch on good "turned from solid" fittings for the push brooms in the metal shop at school last year. I cut them 5 tpi Acme and they worked fine. That was the first Acme threads I ever cut. ...lew...
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Lew Hartswick
Hardened & tempered 4340 broom poles or just A36?
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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