what to do with old lawn mower blades?

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Is time to go get new lawn mower blade. It isn't just that this one
is flat on the leading edge, but it is also bent. My local expert
says "replace it, cheaper than stitches, when it breaks loose". Okay,
Super Saturday sale today ... But it leaves me with a "nice" blade.
My Scot's blood has me wondering if a handle could be made and
attached to make it into a chopper/heavy duty 'machete'? Or something
for the zombie apocalypse, maybe?
Or would it be better if I had a blacksmith type forge to work it
a bit?
Regardless, time for me to be gone.
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pyotr filipivich
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We used to make sheet metal rippers out of them. You would tape one end up good than go about 1/2" down on the other end and grind a shallow notch with a cutting edge. Grind the wing side down so it's a flat blade. In use you would take a heavy hammer and hit the back of the blade and drive the point through the sheet metal, then tip the end up and drive it with the hammer. Cut more than a few vehicles open using them.
I have also made froes and small kindling splitters out of them. For that you sharpen the edge like a knife.
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Steve W.
Lawnmower blades are usually made of 1018 or the like.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
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Bob Engelhardt
They do NOT make good boomerangs.
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Jim Wilkins
That's fortunate!
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Jim Wilkins on Sun, 3 Jul 2011 16:28:38 -0700 (PDT) typed >> pyotr filipivich wrote:
Oh I don't know. With enough pounding and shaping, you could make it into one. But it probably would be too heavy to be really useful.
Oh, and do not forget to duck ...
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