Installing aftercooler on a compressor?

On this trailered compressor that I am demolishing, there is an
aftercooler. You can see it in front of a radiator here:
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I am wondering if installing it on my own Quincy 340 compressor would
be useful. I thought that it could cool down the air enough to get
some moisture out of it.
Is that a waste of time and a stupid idea? Comments?
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An aftercooler only works if you have a way to contain and exhaust the moisture. A timed or level-actuated separator would work. The rub is having the cooler slanted back towards the compressor, with the trap at the low end.
I have an inter-cooled 2-stage, and still _some_ water gets in the tank -- but not much. I drain maybe a half-pint a week.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
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My pumps have refrigerated driers that have a drain line going into the sewer, they remove a LOT of water but they run 50% duty cycle at least. If you don't use a huge volume of air you won't get much advantage.
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Tom Gardner

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