where to find a rectangular cube for casting ?

Hi I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about where to find a approx. 10" h x 5" w x 4" deep solid cube (no lines) so I can make a mold of it and cast resins or whatever into it ??

The only thing I could find are some trophy cubes (that are hollow); these are a pain to try and seal..



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How about a chunk of tree?

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Ron Thompson

Hi Jack,

How about making it out of plywood? You could glue and screw (or air nail with a brad gun), fill any defects, sand, and finish with a high gloss finish. A couple of sandings between coats of finish and you should be able to create a very smooth surface.

You might want to weight the box before closing it up so it isn't excessively bouyant while making the mold.

Cheers, Stan

Jack wrote:

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Stan Stocker

I didn't mean for this to sound smart-assed. A piece of firewood is a lot cheaper than store bought lumber. Cut and sand to shape, maybe a little bondo to smooth it, and paint it.

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Ron Thompson

Do you want to mold a smooth-surfaced right rectangular prism or just a rough block for further work? If you just want a block mold, visit a commercial cooking supply store and look for the appropriate size baking pan or mold. Some bread pans are about the right size and they even have plenty of draft for unmolding.

If you want a straight-sided block you might be able to find a suitable plastic storage box in an office or home supply store. It should still have a wee bit of draft (a good thing) because it had to come out of its mold. Fill it with sand to help it hold shape while you cast your mold around it.


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Fred Renner

Make a block of wood the size you want, then cast fiberglass over it. Remove block of wood.

Pete Stanaitis

Jack wrote:

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Pete & sheri

Could you make one out of softwood? perhaps five 4x2s 5in long sanded smooth and filled.

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