Who has the stampings to make/modify truck racks?

I need to modify the rack to get my utility-bed truck ready to work out of, and the local Truck Body builders want too much for their custom work - and I can do the fabrication and welding myself IF I can get the raw stampings.

I need the C brackets and saddles for making 1-1/2" square tubing swing-away rack cross bars, and for the parking holder you swing it into and hold it in the open position. The studs with knobs are at OSH and McMaster, but not the stampings.

I could get 1-3/4" seamless tubing and cut it up to make the C brackets, but that's a lot of extra work. I know they're out there...

And the other bits like end-caps and bolt tabs, and the end-caps and pieces to make conduit carriers. And brackets to sling small A-ladders under the main bars. And possibly a way to make a locking bed cover.

There's Wagner for the stair-rail bits and bends, who is the supplier to the truck body shops?


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