aluminum square tubing source?

i'd like to get the stuff they use to make aluminum truck cargo bed caps.

1" square, radiused corners, thin wall, i assume not extruded, aluminum tubing. i've used 6061 T6 tubing before and somehow this stuff doesn't seem like 6061 T6 to me, it seems softer and more weldable. they use this stuff to build aluminum truck caps and it has welded connections. i don't know what it's called so i don't know where to look for it and every place i have looked has 6061 T6 non-radiused (square) corner extruded stuff, "aircraft grade". the stuff i'm looking for would be, i assume, NOT aircraft grade.


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William Wixon
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I bought some tubing that sounds like what you're describing at an awning fabricator local to me. Waterford, MI.

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Stephen Young

Aircraft grade don't mean nothin' but marketing. Aircraft use all grades/alloys of aluminum, providing the alloy's actually what the markings say it is.

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carl mciver

Might be "architectural" aluminum - 5053 h something or other.

It it a fairly soft temper. Cheap stuff.


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Richard Lamb
6061-T6 is often available with radiused corners it's 6063 that usually has the square exterior corners. Try Tube Service in LA, CA or any tube supplier in your neck of the woods. Leigh@MarMachine
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