Wire edm in ABQ

Anyone know who does wire edm in Albuquerque? I need to have some holes in 1" plate. Water jet might also work. Thanks, Neal

BTW just read an article about using liquid nitrogen jet for cutting anyone hear of this?

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To find waterjet shops in your area try:

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(There is one listing in the above that is specifically New Mexico, but surrounding states have more)

Or, visit OMAX:

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...and ask. There are at least 3 waterjet job shops that are not listed in the first link above, but are in Alburquerque, and a few others in the general NM area. Since you are considering waterjet as an EDM replacement, this is probably the best route, since OMAX equipment is typically the most precise. Some of these same shops may also have Wire EDM.

For more info on waterjets and abrasivejets, you may want to visit my web site at

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In particular, check out the "Engineer's Guide" at
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the "Introduction" page at:
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Regarding Liquid Nitrogen Cutting, you might want to contact the Waterjet Technology Association at
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Some members have been working on this for specialty applications.

Hope this helps,


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