Wood Chipper Blades

picked up a 50 year old Sears Shredder and Bagger. 3.5 HP. Little fucker
is in great shape. Ran some Seafoam in ethanol free fuel trough it
which cleared up carburation issues and runs great for an engine i
thought would need at least a carb rebuild when i bought it.
after 4-5 hours of using it, i've decided the blades are worn beyond
serviceability and need replaced. looking for replacement blades is
quite likely pointless so i'm not going to even bother trying.
this things has a stack of 3 what look like small lawn mower blades.
what steel would you make the blades from? i could go with A2 or D2 tool
steel heat treated to somewhere in the RC 50-60 hardness range. or even
M2 steel if i wanted to mulch metal fence posts, though the housing
around the blades may not be quite up to the task.
would pre hard 4140 be a decent choice? or would just some 1018 crs be
suffice for chopping up small yard brush and leaves?
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They are an odd shaped mower blade. If they look anything at all like this image I would try sharpening them first:
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And the part number "658A30" which wasn't expensive seems to be obsolete:
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Those slotted side pieces that the blades spin thru in the above diagram should be in reasonable condition too.
I would check out Edger blades and see if any are the same length and have a mounting hole you can work with. It would be a good material to use for making newish blades...
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