Wow the 2 lathes I bought are consecutive #

I bought 2 Sheldon lathes 10" swing 46" bed, I got the second home tonight
and they are #s 25440 and 25441 they must have been bought together. The
lathes came from a school and look like they have sat for a long time. Both
lathes screws have almost no backlash, the beds show no ridge at all and all
the cranks are tight. They both look like hell with many layers of paint
removing itself from the lathe. I was a no fun bringing the lathe home in
peasoup think fog/drizzly. I gave it a good bath in spray oil before
leaving, wiped it down when I got home and gave it another bath in thin oil.
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wayne mak
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I like tight in more ways than one. Let us know how they work out for you when you get thru the crud (paint) and get to playing with them. Bill.
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