Picked up a sheldon lathe today

I bought 2 sheldon lathes today, both are EL 46 P models, these have the smaller spindle 1-3/4" but come with chucks and face plates. Not sure what collet these will take. Solid little machines, they seem to be better built than the Heavy 10 I sold a few months ago. I will take some pictures in the coming weeks.

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I have a Sheldon lathe and a fair number of documents. Let me know if you need information.


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wayne mak wrote:

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I don't know what level of info you are looking for.

see: sku 21052 -- 2nd item down http://www.l>If you have any information that would be great. These are 10" swing. I

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F. George McDuffee

I'm still trying to figure out what one of them wreighs. 10x24, circa

1960 with the 2 handle > I have a Sheldon lathe and a fair number of documents.
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It just so happens that those are the two lathes I have an opportunity to purchase(but probably won't due to their weight).

Nevertheless, for informational purposes, can you confirm the approximate weight of these lathes?

The first is a Sheldon EL 46 P for $560.(It has a 10" swing, 3 jaw, dead center, tool holder, some reamers, dog plate, a few dogs, a 3 phase motor, and a quick change box for power feed/threading. It is a "lightly used" machine that came out of a high school.(I'm told it is


The second is a South Bend Heavy 10L for $400.(It would need a serious clean up, paint job, one gear, tailstock, and the crossfeed handle replaced.(I'm told it is 900lbs)).


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