Sheldon 11" lathe question

I will be taking a look at a Sheldon 11" lathe in the morning, and had a few
questions. The seller knows little if any thing about a lathe.
What is the taper?/what collets?
How would this compare to my SB 10K?
What is the market like for these?
I know these are general questions but someone always provides excellent
help in this group.
thank you
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I'm sure Sheldon made several models of 11" inch lathe. That said, I have an 11" and 13" and they both have a modified #5 Morse taper. That is, if you put a regular #5 MT tool in the spindle, it would fit, but stick out quite a long way.
The #5 MT Sheldon's will accomodate a 5C collet with the appropriate adapter. I machined my own.
Sheldons are good lathes. I've never been around a 10K so cannot answer.
It depends upon your area. If you are from the industrial areas of the east and Midwest, you probably have a fair supply of used machine tools. In our sparsely populated areas of the west, they are few and far between. I paid $1450 for my 13" and more than that for the 11" which was in very good condition.
The Fwd/Rev gears, the ones that mesh with the spindle gear and drive the power feed train, tend to wear out. The forward gear on both my Sheldons have teeth that have worn down to knife edges. It's just something to be aware of. They didn't come that way from the factory!
Sheldon offered lathes with plain bearing spindles as well as roller bearing spindles. It's hard to generalize when talking about them.
Both my Sheldons' bearings lose their oil when unused. It seems to be caused by porous cast iron. At any rate, it's awfully easy to forget to check the oil level before starting up the lathe. The bearings in my 11" were not the best when I got it. Be prepared to spend about $450 if you ever need to replace the bearings. First, however, you need to find a bearing dealer who knows what a precision bearing is.
Enjoy that Sheldon!
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Orrin Iseminger
I have an 11x44 -& some docs - mine is MT-4 headstock and MT-2 tailstock. However there are changes.
If you can read the numbers/letters off the way on the right front end - and if you can find a model number - have a name plate ? - Those might help (tailstock number nails it) identify more of what you have.
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Martin H. Eastburn
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Hmm ... is there a chance that this is actually a MT 4-1/2 taper? You can find it with the ASA tapers in _Mahinery's Handbook_ in the table listing the "American National Standard self-holding tapers". (Page 910 of 25th edition.)
They are pretty close to the same taper per foot, but the size differs significantly.
MT taper/foot gauge diameter 4-1/2 0.62400 1.50000 5 0.63151 1.74800
My 12x24" Clausing (Model 5418) currently has an L-00 spindle with the MT 4-1/2 taper -- and it does hold 5C collets.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Well I looked at the lathe it was well used and the owner wanted $1000, so that will remain his. The drive system looked like there is a whole lot of things that could fail, not that it looked worn but many parts in that area.
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All the literature I've seen on the Sheldon says it is a modified #5 Morse taper. It has the #5 taper, but there is no reason for it to be so long in a lathe, so it is a section of the small end of the #5 MT. That's plenty big enough to accomodate a 5C collet adapter.
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Orrin Iseminger
The Delta 11" has the same setup.
Pete Keillor
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Peter T. Keillor III

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