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I went this afternoon to look at a W&S #3 turret lathe, expecting to
see a piece of junk. Not junk, dirty but mechanically near perfect.
Older model, lever head with two speed clutch and motor. Tool post
turret showed signs of needing internal cleaning, but when unlocked
and the shot pin up, no play, ram turret seemed also solid, but didn't
have an indicator to check indexing. Works smoothly and freely. It's
under power, and I didn't hear anything out of the headstock that
makes me think the gears are bad. Includes what looked like an eight
inch chuck, master collet and pads, box tools, couple of centering
drill holders, might be more, I didn't look that close. Head stock
and feed clutches seemed to work just fine, nothing that would make me
worry there. Bar feeder is there too.
There isn't any hurry, it's going to be a couple of weeks before the
ground is hard enough to even think about moving it, any truck or fork
truck would sink to the axles right now. I got two widely different
prices from the two owners, so I'll let them fight that part out. MY
best guess is that it's going to be about $500, reasonable considering
the condition. South east Wisconsin, I'm going to guess it will be
pickup only. I seem to remember it's somewhere in the 3500 pound
IF nobody else wants it, I'm not going to let it go for scrap, I'll
buy it myself and store it. If anyone's interested, let me know, and
like I said, there's no hurry.
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Like this one?
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15" swing, 1 3/4 thru hole...
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Exactly. Different color, and lacking the "patina" on the turret.
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Lennie the Lurker

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