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WARNING: Yet More Metal Working Content - Tool Blackening
Cold bluing or cold blackening seems to be an accepted method of protecting steel parts in the shop. Add on a sealant or keep the part oiled and supposedly it will resist rust and corrosion...
6 months ago 2
Warning: This post contains metalworking content - Deburring "Finished" Parts
I make a lot of parts that are generally a rectangular solid. Typically they have a lot of details machined into one surface making it a mold. About the most efficient way to finish and deburr that...
6 months ago 10
3D Revolution?
I guess it's been Long enough to ask. For those with a full accompaniment o f metalworking machines and tooling who have picked up, learned, and used a 3D printer, has any significant work load been...
6 months ago 7
Metal Vending
You may recall the guy who was on here shilling for Online Metals a while back. I figured what the heck. I'll give them a chance to quote a decent size (for me) order. Around 600ish lbs of aluminum...
6 months ago 2
What Do You Know About Annular Cutters?
* What Do You Know About Annular Cutters? * Do you have some? * How do you like them? * Compared to what? I've got 15 of them in sizes from 10mm to 49mm and use them regularly in the lathe and mill...
6 months ago 6
Honda EU1000i
I bought one that didn't run well at a flea market and flushed the stale gas out of the fuel system to cure it. There are many ideas online to modify and improve small generators so I'd like to know...
6 months ago
Space Oddity - 'meteoric rise'
On Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 5:44:28 AM UTC-4, occam wrote in Why can't rockets be considered meteors? Even flying horizontally on the moon? -- This UFO sighting was filmed in Montreal in the...
6 months ago
Electric buggy twistgrip proportional control
This is for a colleague. I couldn't defer a call of nature as my "mind's eye" saw this one and had me belly-laughing very involuntarily. Technically, he's got a disabled persons' buggy, replaced the...
7 months ago 14
LHT-25B - Small Turret Lathe
Picked up another project. An old Taiwan made LHT-25B small turret lathe. Missing a couple covers, and not running. Previous owner was fitting a 3 phase motor, but had not finished it. If the motor is...
7 months ago 2
Derusting muzzle loader bore
>>cross-posted I've used EvaporRust and its "okay." It neutralizes most rust, but in the case of a muzzle loader bore I'd probably power a brass brush through at several times, and then take a look at...
7 months ago 42
Aluminum smelter startup
How is a Hall-Herault aluminum smelting cell started up and shut down? All the descriptions and diagrams I've seen show it in steady state operation, with no hint how the electrolyte is melted...
7 months ago 12
A few months back I picked up a gooseneck equipment trailer. It was made in a farm shop. Overall its pretty decent, but it has some issues. It was decked in what looks to me like bowling alley...
7 months ago 9
Ping Dan Caster
Someone impersonating you just fooled me into sending my phone number ...
7 months ago
Fractal vise
A glass worker called this to my attention: Probably not for the railway forge shop but custom machine shop guys might like it. That page refers to "an old (early 1990s patent) milling machine vise...
8 months ago 1
Electrical Gremlin - Actual Question
On the smallest mill I use regularly It has developed the habit of going into E-Stop when the coolant pump starts and stops. Its controlled by an HH52P 24VDC coil relay. The same model relay is used...
8 months ago 13