Bluetooth developer kit for NXT.

I am trying to write a program that connects to a NXT and does some stuff
like changing the name, reading and writing files etc.
Problem is I work on linux and use C and there is very little info
around on that.
I got the Bluetooth Developer Kit from LEGO that gives some info on the
command cods to send to the NXT to achive some tasks but I hit a snag.
I was able to open a connection (Bluetooth), talk with the NXT and send
some commands. Up to now I have a prog that can:
- Get Info from the NXT (NAME, BT address, battery level..)
- Change the name
- List all the files
- Delete a file
- Run a Program
- Stop a program running
I am working on the writing of files and nothing works (almost).
First of all the BDK has 3 different OPEN WRITE command and no hint what
the difference is between OPEN_WRITE,OPEN_WRITE_LINEAR and
OPEN_WRITE_DATA. Then it seems that none of the 3 works at least
following the info... I had limited success but only for very short
files and only if I don't use the extensions recognized by the NXT(?!).
Does anyone has more info on this or knows exactly how to do that? I
looked around but all the source code I found that does that is in some
strange(for me) language and from what I can see the method seems the
same I use but maybe there is something more that I miss.
Any help?

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