Inventorbot Challenge #3 Problem

As brand new Mindstorm users, we are trying to solve challenge #3 for
the Inventorbot with our new Mindstorm set. This is the challenge to
throw an object. As configured, the speed of the engine is not enough
to actually throw a item (we're using a pingpong ball), but merely
moves the arm up in the air and the ball rolls down the arm. We tried
making a longer arm and that did not help.
Is there something that we are doing wrong, or is this the extent of
how well the challenge cn be solved?
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Perhaps the motor doesn't have to provide the motion to throw the ball, but merely to move the arm to a position where an elastic band or something similar can provide the throwing force?
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I would look into two scenarios to throw objects. Elasticsbands as suggested, or extreem gear - personally I prefer the gearing - though elastic bands does provide for amazing results too.
Good luck with it,
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Daniel W. Mathiasen
You can setup a rachet and each turn of the motor tightens up a rubber band. When you release the rachet, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
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Robot Fan
Just in case you ask:
Use a floating worm gear to control the setup. When you rotate forward, it tightens up the rubber band. When you rotate backwards, it releases the rachet. :=)
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Robot Fan

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