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I need a socket to match a 5amp three phase plug that is on a grinding head. The plug has a 5 pin arrangement set out as a pentagon with one pin thicker than the rest. The whole plug has a screwed ring to ensure that it's properly attached to the socket. I can't find anything like it in the RS catalogue. Can anyone identify the type that I should be looking for. Better still doesanyone have a spare socket available?

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Charles Ping
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It is 'probably' one of the LPA metal-clad ranges that were originally made by Clang-Niphan.

Other option is the Reyrolle type which is still used by the railways but made by a n other company now.

There is also an outdoor metal clad type that was popular with builders etc but they were not made in 3-phase, the ratings were strictly 240V.

Most are superceded by the BS4343 ranges in Yellow/Blue/Red etc.


A quick image on an email to me could probably ID it quickly.

-- Peter & Rita Forbes snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk Engine pages for preservation info:

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Peter A Forbes

My Elliott mill has something which sounds similar, to plug in the vertical turret head motor, though I have a feeling it's 4-pin. I'm not going out to check tonight, it's been a long day & there's a bl**dy great lump of a Bridgeport series 1 CNC mill blocking the doorway to the workshop. It's a similar style to a 13A 3-pin (same as domestic format) socket we used to have on a generator here, all diecast body with a threaded securing ring & sealing washer, but looks as though it was based on the domestic 5A 3-pin arrangement. I don't use the one on the Elliott any more, having put an invertor drive on the turret motor, so you would be welcome to it if you wish. You might find it simpler, though, just to replace with a 16A red 'euro plug' & socket.

Cheers Tim

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Tim Leech

I agree with Peter it sounds like a Niphan. My Exe (c1956) grinder had a broken one and after months of failing to locate a source I chopped it off and replaced it, and the socket, with the modern equivalent. The whole thing had been sealed with hot pitch which made repair near impossible anyway. regards

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Roland and Celia Craven

afraid i dont know the name, but it sounds like the standard 3ph 'industrial' plug here in Italy. white plastic body with red cap?

if you can post a picture, and you can't find it elsewhere, i could ship one out to you.

what i can tell you, and perhaps you already knew, the thickest of the 5pins is your earth ground connection.

3 will be the l1,l2&l3 phases, and the 4th should be a neutral wire... implying that either: a) the machine also requires 220V (light?) or b) the previous owner had 5 line 3ph wiring and used a socket they owned. check the internal wiring to make sure.. especially if you'll be changing plugs to one that is more readily available.


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