316L source

Anyone know a source of 316L stainless? I'm looking for maybe 6 inches of 40 mm dia.

And I'm nearly-but-not-quite skint :^( , so it can't be too expensive.


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Peter Fairbrother
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I may have some offcuts of 2" 316, is that any help?

Cheers Tim

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Tim Leech

Thanks very much, but it has to be 316L.

It will be machined, assembled and then diffusion brazed - I can't make the finished pump in one piece, and it's too small to bolt bits together - and apparently cementite forms on the grain boundaries during the diffusion brazing unless it's 316L. Or something.

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Peter Fairbrother

together - and



A quick google reveals your secret - that the main use for 316L is for making body piercings ! But the mind boggles what you are doing at

40mm diameter

. . . pumps indeed !


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Andrew Mawson

A "Prince Albert", of course

This may be of interest:

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Peter Fairbrother

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