Spring wire

Hope someone can help me out with a supplier recommendation.
I'm looking for some 16swg and/or 18swg spring wire (aka piano wire)
that can be turned into a single turn spring for the VDH I'm knocking up.
My normal suppliers have turned up blank on this one, anybody know of a
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Duncan Munro
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Almost any model aircraft shop - used for undercarriage gear.
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Henry Springer
Piano repairers?
Regards, Tony
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Tony Jeffree
J A Crew
formatting link
sells a range of gauges of piano wire (including 18 swg)in small quantities.
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One metre lengths of piano wire from 0.010" diameter upwards are available from music shops which sell guitar strings.
Regards, Ken Beardsell
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Ken & Chris Beardsell
Thanks for all the replies and advice, much appreciated. I've placed an order with J.A. Crew for some different sizes so it's all sorted now.
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Duncan Munro

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