A small job for someone?

Somewhere in the house I've got lots of new grub screws. I can see that I could employ them to make home-made brass shaft couplers for fractional motors and stuff. If I had my own lathe I'd simply drill brass rod for the shaft, and drill and tap for the grub screws.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has a selection of brass rods knocking around who might be willing to make the couplers. I think that there would be no need to drill for a shaft diameter more than say 10mm and possibly less. I'd want a selection of couplers for shafts from say 3mm up to say

10mm-ish. Certainly I need 1/4" shaft couplers.

Anyone live near Wakefield or Huddersfield area? I could bring over the grub screws.

Just testing the waters. :c)

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Actually I could probably just put a pin through many of the couplers to connect shafts.

I ought to leave my email:

hobbies snipped-for-privacy@ntlworld.com

Please delete the numbers in the email.


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