Adcock & Shipley 2ES mill Ideas sugestions

I would like to add a vertical head to the above machine I Know they did a vertical head that went on the over arm any one go suggestions for a donor machine ect I not looking for a perfect head I don't mine having to fabricate bits or adding pulleys and motors the main sticking point is going to be the spindle and carrier Thanks Andrew

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Andrew Bishop
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It's big enough for a full-blown Bridgeport head, there are a few around the country, just got to find one.

We also have a 2ES which is going now that the Beaver is within sight of the workshop door, but we looked a long time for an A&S head but never found one.


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Peter A Forbes


You mean that you want this head?

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I ended up with the Bridgeport head solution which is very flexible. The factory head is more robust but I couldn't find one.


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Charles Ping

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