Al alloy channel ?

Anyone know where I can get a length of
extruded aluminium channel, any size between
100 X 40 X 3 mm and
120 X 50 X 5 mm
Either straight Al or alloy. I only need about 200 mm
but will buy any length up to a meter or so.
Jim Hawkins
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Jim Hawkins
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Where are you? GW Metals in Worcester are excellent for offcuts like this but that's no use to you if you're in Kinross or wherever.
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Chris Eilbeck
Ringwood Precison Engineering (01425 476296) might be worth a try. They sell a lot of offcuts on eBay as ukroy but have a lot more than listed there so would be worth a phone call.
I have a 6 foot length of 6" x 2" box section with wall thickness of about 0.147" - any good?
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