Any opinions on HBM chucks....?

Hi all.

Anyone have any opinions, good or bad, on HBM brand chucks ?

Was thinking of buying one from RDGTools for my Myford ML10 ( with the pre-mounted backplate...), mostly due to the reasonable price, and was wondering where they were on the good/average/bad scale........



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Don't actually have an opinion as I dont own one, but a recent post on the Yahoo Myford group stated that although the parent company is Dutch, HBM = Herman Buitelaar Machienenfabriek ,

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, most of the production does in fact come from China.


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Peter Neill

I'd assumed HBM = Hebden Bridge Machinery. Their stuff is made in India (and is lovingly wrapped in Indian newspaper).



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I recognized the logo as the Dutch company (selling Chinese products).


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Nick Mueller

Consider them parts in advanced state of machining. I bought an ER collet chuck for my Myford, and had to spend sometime re-working the chuck to get "acceptable" tolerannces.


p.s you generally get what you pay for...

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Joules Beech

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