Blind Turner

To bob Minchin

Cant reply to message for some unknown reson started new post to warn you ..

The guy also claims he's a blind welder ...

I posted about him last summer on the home shop machinist forum

the guys there.. have difficulty ..(so do i )

believing that this is the not a pack of lies .

He started posting in the yahoo free cycle groups .. all of them that cover north wales ...

asking for welders ...lathes ...machine tools ..

He was getting everything... machine or welder related .. i unjoined all the yahoo free cycle groups in this guy got everything .....leaving nothing for anyone else .

if he is blind .he's a very enterprising blind person ..that goes through a lot of lathes and welders .

BTW i made enquiries locally to different organisations charities ...and ..nothing zilch they had not heard of him.

That's all i have to say.

All the best..markj

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