Carbide insert codes and iso equivalent codes

I am looking for info on how to tell what size ISO insert I need from a manufacturers size. Has anyone any info on what the sandvik codes mean?

e.g. R390-1704 08M-PM R290.90-12T308PPM

I am not sure what the R390 or R290 etc mean

I assume the 12T3 is the same as an ISO 12T3 (12mm face, T3 thickness around 4mm)

Anyone any info on this? I have checked google but searches seem to give no useful results.

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R290.90-12T308PPM is a square,positive insert.IC is 13.29mm,edge length is 10.7mm and thickness is 3.97mm,screw fixing. R390-1704 08M-PM is roughly rhomboid shaped,cutting edge is 17mm long,width is 9.6mm and at it`s thickest bit is 4.76mm These are not ISO standard inserts.Manufacturers are more and more moving away from ISO standards to their own shapes and designs.Sandvik are leading the way here,even their threading inserts are non standard now.With few exceptions no mainstream manufacturers produce standard grooving and parting inserts either. Mark.

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I meant to add R290 etc are tool designations and only relate to Sandvik.


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On or around Thu, 17 Apr 2008 04:12:10 -0700 (PDT), "" enlightened us thusly:

Makes one wonder why we have standards. Bloody annoying, when they do that, and counterproductive IMHO - I'm less likely to buy (e.g.) Sandvik tooling if it has bespoke inserts and less likely to buy their inserts if they won't fit other tools.

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Austin Shackles

Makes sense from a manufacturing point of view, especially if they develop a special cutting material for a particular application. Then they expect to have repeat orders for the inserts.

Same as inkjet printer cartridges..... Ever seen two (genuine) printers manufacturers sharing the same cartridge?


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Peter A Forbes

OT The reason there are so many standards is so that no matter what the requirement you can find one to fit /OT


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dave sanderson

Model Engineer Workshop magazine has been running a very detailed & comprehensive set of articles about exactly this sort of thing (Current issue has part 3) hth Mike

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